Some of my logotype-work

Les Fleurs du mal – Graphic profile

Brief: Create a graphic profile to the flower store “Les Fleurs du mal”. The name means “Flowers of Evil” and is taken from Charles Baudelaire’s collection of poems.

Solution: I found out that Charles was a mysterious man with a highly complex character, especially regarding his relations with women. I designed a symbol that symbolizes a rosebud; in “floral language” this means “I have loved you for a long time in secret”, which I think is a good summary of his poems. You can interpret the symbol in different ways, just like his poems. The logo is designed in a futuristic manner, to appear more exciting. Furthermore, the purple colour of the logo gives it a clear attitude.

Real Betis logotype

I created a logo for the football team Real Betis, here shown at the football game between Betis– Sevilla in the Spanish league La liga. The logo was shown to 40 000 people in the audience and 60 000 000 people all over the world watching live. The football team got great attention thanks to the logo.

Brisket & Friends – Logotype

I created a logo for a bbq-restaurant called Brisket & Friends, serving American southern style food. The logo should feel rustic, authentic and evoke.

The typography is inspired by typical American Southern restaurants and bars, and also different beer labels. I chose to work with an italic bold-font together with another more lined, thinner font, to get a contrast. I used the “tail” of the Q to be connected with the “B”, to associate to the acronym “BBQ”. I also wanted the logo to feel spacious, to give some attitude and to be seen from a further view.

We have a dream

Hand drawn characters as a logo to the photo exhibition ”We have a dream” by Albert Wiking. I wanted to do a serif-font because they are already using a serif font in Didot-style, but I drew the thin lines thicker so it could be used in small sizes too with clear lines. 

Examples of how the logo could be used in print.