Outdoor ads


Clas Ohlson

Brief: Create a campaign that makes Clas Ohlson to be more personal, and display its entire range.
Solution: The campaign is called ”Who’s Clas Ohlson?” where we challenge gender roles and get the brand to feel more equal. Does Clas Ohlson really have to be a man? With this campaign, we wanted to put ourselves in the customer’s perspective in the quest for Clas Ohlson and show the brand’s wide range.

Photos for sketching

The characters could also be used in the stores. The message could be spread mostly through social media to reach the target group.


Brief: Reduce alcohol consumption in the summer.
Solution: We created a campaign with a water take-away box. The package is based on the classic wine box, because it is a great way to store and bring drinks. But also to pay attention to how much alcohol we consume in the summer and challenge people to replace the alcohol with water instead, and use the box when going to the beach.

Photos by Amanda Helgoson

Port 73

Brief: Create a concept for the shopping mall Port 73 and make it more widely known.
Solution: Instead of shouting out ”shoppa loss” to customers like all other malls, we wanted to do the opposite by creating the concept ”Shoppa Less”. Since port 73 is a small shopping mall with a few and practical shops, the message is about buying the right thing that you need – both for your own sake and for the environment. Port 73 is ”the helpful neighbor” where you go to when you need to get something fixed. We wanted to lift up the practical and “boring” things in a new light and give it some status. On Instagram we challenged people to publish their best life hacks as a part of the campaign and also as a way to get people more engaged.

Photos for sketching