Shape Stockholm


Background: Stockholm Resilience center had a project called ”Var är mitt Stockholm?” where the idea was to let citizens of Stockholm influence the city planning by filling in a questionnaire on a website. 

Brief: Improve the website so that more people want to fill in the questionnaire. Create a campaign so that the website can spread. 

Solution: I renamed the concept, created a graphic profile and redesigned the website. I created categories based on what people wanted to improve. For example, many complained about boring and grey places. So I started with this category. Painting-artists working with street art get an invite to be a part of improving these places with their art. The process during their work will be sent live at the website.

By showing people the change that is actually happening I think more people want to engage with the project. This campaign is a first step to show citizens that their opinion actually make a change for the city. To focus on places people think are boring is also a first step. Next step could be to improve all the parks in Stockholm, or the lightning.