Brief: Create a big idea for Wellas new rainbow hair colors with a digital campaign that should work in USA, Europe and Russia (where the campaign will be shown). The campaign should reach out to hairstylists in an creative way, and give inspiration to experiment with hair colors.

Solution: We created a concept called ”Color creates difference” where we change colors on things around us to see how it affects us. Both in an experimental way where we change colors for example on food to see how it affect our senses, and  also in the environment where we put colors on boring and grey places, where you don’t expect colors to be.

We will do this through Webisodes (a series of films) on YouTube, since we’ve notice that hairstylists look for inspiration at youtube and use social media regularly. We also think it has a great spread-value because color are something that affect us all and most of us have opinions about.

Header-photo by Ellis Parrinder.

Mood-film for the concept.

Example of a video we think has the potential to spread. Here with interactive displays at the bus stop.

Another example with interactive displays. The more people that come in to the bus stop, the more colors will be shown.

We show the videos on Wellas YouTube-Channel so people can spread and share it.